User Experience Russia 2012
This is a space for communication between people, promoting the initiatives, technologies, products and services, improving the quality life of people in Russia, Europe and worldwide.


The Speakers:

Dmitry Satin Dmitry Satin
Company: Usabilitylab
Keynote: “Variety of User Interaction In Financial Services”
Louis Rosenfeld Louis Rosenfeld
Company: Rosenfeld Media
Keynote: “Beyond User Research”
Workshop: “Adaptable Information Architecture”
Jeroen van Geel Jeroen van Geel
Company: Johnny Holland/Fabrique
Keynote: “Aristotle’s Storytelling Framework for the web ”
Workshop: “Product Personality: Designing Products with Character ”
Sanzhar Kettebekov Sanzhar Kettebekov
Company: Segment Interactive
Keynote: “Social Strategy with Multiple Audiences for Financial Services”
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