User Experience Russia 2011
This is a space for communication between people, promoting the initiatives, technologies, products and services, improving the quality life of people in Russia, Europe and worldwide.


Speakers 2012:

Louis Rosenfeld
(Rosenfeld Media)
Jeroen van Geel
(Johnny Holland)
Луи Розенфельд Джероен ван Гил



About The Conference

User Experience Community Russia invites you to take part in the 5th anniversary conference.

The key aspects of User Experience 2011 are trends and perspectives which the future brings us. Each speaker will be talking about what will happen with the subject of the speech within a year or a few years.

The Speakers:

Peter Morville Peter Morville
Company: Semantic Studios
Keynote: “Search Patterns: Design for Discovery”
Workshop:Information Architecture & Findability
Megan Donahue Megan Donahue
Company: Microsoft
Keynote: “From paper to product: Designing for Windows Phone”
Eric Reiss Eric Reiss
Company: FatDUX Group
Keynote: “Innovation vs. Best Practice — conflict or opportunity?”
Workshop:Writing for the Web
Dave Roth Dave Roth
Company: MISI Company Experience Design (XD) group
Keynote: “Experience Design: Going Beyond the Interface to the Interaction”
Andrey Sebrant Andrey Sebrant
Company: Yandex
Keynote: More information on this session will be available soon
Toyohiro Kanayama Toyohiro Kanayama
Company: Mitsue-Links Co.,Ltd.
Keynote: “Trends of Mobile UX in Japan”
Ravi Mynampaty Ravi Mynampaty
Company: Harvard Business School (HBS)
Keynote: “How we developed findability standards”
Sanzhar Kettebekov Sanzhar Kettebekov
Company: Segment Interactive
Keynote: “New Face of Persona. Behavioral Analytics for Design”
Workshop:Architecting Actionable Web Analytics
Dmitry Satin Dmitry Satin
Company: Usabilitylab
Conference opening
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